Who Am I?

Lucie Balch

My name is Lucie Balch. I am the founder of Munku Healing, a small, exclusive day-spa that focuses on healing, positive energy, and compassion. I founded Munku Healing as an alternative to the large, corporate, franchised day-spas that you find in shopping malls, or on main roads.

The Munku Healing studio is very special to me. I designed it to reflect the core values that define Munku Healing. Fiercely individual, humming with positive energy, and deeply spiritual, the studio provides the perfect place for me to provide my treatments. With hints of pink and gold, and some Buddhist imagery, I know you’ll love it too.

Unlike a large day-spa that has thousands of different people pass through its doors annually, I only have a small, select customer base. This means that I can connect with everyone on a deeply personal basis and gives me the time and freedom to individually tailor my treatments, ensuring that I properly nurture the positive energies required to make all who visit Munku healing leave feeling fantastic.

I take great pride in the products that I use as a part of the treatments. All my products are made from 100% natural, Australian ingredients, and some are lovingly hand-crafted by me.

Munku Healing about
Munku Healing about